emotion theory

Seed of Life


Seed of Life is a meditative game about sacred patterns.

With hundreds of unique and dazzling compositions, Seed of Life offers a meditative experience of joy and comprehension through its real-time puzzle gameplay, and atmospheric visual and aural feedback designed to deeply immerse you in a variety of themes and ideas.

The focal point of exploration with this project was in the relationship between mathematical functions and visual outputs. Each element moves according to various algorithms with different input values, resulting in unique patterns being drawn to the screen.

A variety of additional tools were also created, such as a procedural pattern generator, an AI that plays and records visual elements of the game itself, and more.


  • Seed of Life was showcased at the MOTAT in Auckland in 2016 as part of an interactive showcase.
  • Seed of Life was showcased at NZGDC 2016 with an accompanying seminar by Adam Thompson on the research behind the game's development.
  • Seed of Life was nominated for Kiwi Game Starter in 2016.

Download and play the game here.