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Seed of Life is a meditative game about sacred patterns.


Seed of Life is a meditative game in which you deflect colourful elements to create sacred patterns.

Protect the Seed of Life in the center from incoming elements by rotating a paddle on a circular canvas. Deflecting elements will fill the sky with a dance of colors that form sacred geometrical patterns, but stay vigilant; as elements move and behave in ways that will surprise and challenge you.

With hundreds of unique and dazzling compositions, Seed of Life offers a meditative experience of joy and comprehension through its real-time puzzle gameplay, and atmospheric visual and aural feedback designed to deeply immerse you in a variety of themes and ideas.


Key Features

  • A beautiful and immersive experience designed to stimulate your visual and aural senses.
  • Hundreds of unique visual compositions that reward continuous and skillful play.
  • A dynamic, evocative soundtrack that responds to your input and heightens alongside the game.
  • Test your skill and dexterity by getting a high score in Endless mode, or try to beat all 100 levels in Challenge mode.
  • Zen mode lets you play continuously – dynamically adjusting the waves you face to maintain an immersive sense of flow.

Platforms + Release Date

The game has been greenlit on Steam. I am currently targeting PC, Mac, & Linux for a Late 2016 release, with additional platforms being considered for the future.





Twitter: @EmotionTheory

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