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Emotion Theory is an interactive arts studio founded by Adam Thompson specialized in exploring fun, emotion, and beauty through meaningful interactive experiences.

Adam graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2011 from The University of Auckland in New Zealand. He has been working in games in Auckland ever since, primarily working on Adventure games, MMO/RPGs, and mobile games as game designer, writer, gameplay programmer, producer, and creative director. In 2014, Adam founded his personal indie game development studio; Emotion Theory. He has gone on to teach game design and programming at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and was a senior games producer at Media Design School (MDS), and now continues to contribute through mentoring and consulting. Dabbling in different fields, participating in various game jams, and taking multiple contracts – Adam has been learning and exploring different aspects of game development, which has led him to his commitment to his current projects.


Adam is currently making two different games with Unity:
SEED OF LIFE; a meditative game about sacred patterns.
PROJECT ASCENSION; a puzzle adventure game about transcendence and architecture.

You can find a full list of his works here.

You can also find him on these social channels:
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