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I’m Adam Thompson and Emotion Theoryis my indie game studio based in Auckland, New Zealand which I run independently.

I am interested in the creation of beautiful, emotive, meaningful, fun, and accessible interactive experiences.

I’m always working on several different projects at any given time. Right now I’m focusing specifically on two of them:

a meditative puzzle action game in which you deflect colourful bullets to create sacred patterns.
Coming to STEAM in 2016 (we’ve been geenlit – thank you to everyone who voted yes!)
(formerly known as Super Shield)


a 3d puzzle adventure game about transcendence and the power to manipulate architecture.
Platforms and release date TBA. Looking at Steam, consoles, and mobile.

I also make Unity Asset Store extensions and tools. Check out Time Tracker – a seamless and automatic tool that tracks your dev time.

You can read my development blog of my games here and find a list of all my works here.